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ASHIRBAD (Home of Glory) আশীর্বাদ (হোম অব গ্লোরী

A group of likeminded people with their social spirit under thr umbrella of the NGO ASHIRBAD identified that good health, education and economy are vital aspects and without which socio-economic development is difficult. ASHIRBAD the NGO found that the most people have been in ill health, lacking education, awareness and basic economic support for development. ASHIRBAD organized and motivated the people and then approached different donor’s in both local and abroad in order to support development activities. ASHIRBAD got registration from the NGO Affairs’ Bureau dated on 25th June,2000 which Registration Number is 1540. Home of Glory is a project of ASHIRBAD. The project is to nourish the Bangladeshi orphan, destitute and helpless children from all over the country providing food, lodging, cloth, education, health care etc. as well as other possible trainings. This project is running by the Fida International, Finland) in Faridpur from the beginning of January 1980. In the beginning of January 2004 this project has run by the ASHIRBAD (A partnership project between ASHIRBAD & Fida International).



  • To run an orphanage & children Home for parentless or single parentless and give them formal education and vocational training.
  • To help the poor, orphan and destitute children, offering them boarding house facilities, food and education, that they can become self-supportive members of society instead of being burden to the society.
  • To eradicate the child labor system.
  • To improve the Socio-Economic-Health status of rural poor and marginalized community.


  • To provide secure living environment, nutritional food, cloth, education and vocational training for living as better human being.



  • Children’s home for boys & girls are situated separately in different compounds. Children are accommodated in the three storied dormitory buildings. Guardians & Ayas are take care the children for 24 hours. For better care of the children there some resident staff in the home. Children are cleans their rooms, washes their clothes and high schools girls helping in the kitchen to growing- up their working tendency. Children are provided three meals a day. Milk & eggs are provided to the small children for carrying their physical well growth as per the medical officer/doctor advice. All children are getting Tiffin once a day in the afternoon. Food menus are made after the  consultations with the specialists to give nutrition food for maintaining  good health.



  • Children are provided with two sets of cloths every year plus school uniforms. All maintenance items including winter cloths, bedding materials, shoes, soaps, tooth brushes, toothpaste and full educational materials also provided by this organization when needed.



  • There is one clinic maintained for boys & girls. Nurse are taking care of the sick children and she provide treatment , health education to them. One child specialist doctor is visiting the clinic once a week. In serious or emergency cases, children have been sent to the specialists doctor or hospital for necessary treatment. All expenses are bearing by the organization.



  • The children studying from class KG to class ten in the outside. Primary and high schools are following the syllabus of education Directorate of the Bangladesh government.



  • Free time activities like sports, games, arts & music, songs, debates, drama, reading magazines, journals etc. are arranged by the home authority. Most of the children of the boarding home participated in those activities under the supervision of the home responsible staffs. Boys and girls also participate in the national cultural and sports program (arranged by the Government). Young girls are receiving practical training in cooking, sewing and handicraft inside the home.



As a human kind as like adult every child has rights and provisions to enjoy the life in every where. So Home of Glory will create such an environment so that children feels that children feels that they have right to live and share the opinion as like other children. They may feel that they are not away from their home or relatives. They may feel like at home that’s why Home of Glory maintain some guidelines which are as follows:

  • All kinds of facilities will be distributed equally to all the children.
  • Each age group child is allowed to express their needs to the Manager/Guardians/Aya.
  • Regarding enjoying rights and provisions there will be no discrimination between older or younger children.
  • All children will be provided seasonal fruits, tv watching facilities etc. to enjoy their lives.
  • All students will be given an annual gift.
  • Both indoor and outdoor games facilities will be provided to the children in the evening or during free hours.
  • Children will taught song, drawing, dance, music etc. for increasing their skills and entertainment.
  • If possible children can be taught handicraft lessons too, like: sewing, making ornament, embroidery etc.



It is good to keep the campus life secure. In order to keep the campus secure Home of Glory established some kind of security policies which will help to secure our children from any dangers and threats. It will also help to be alert in any kind of uncertain situations which can create a big hazard or problem to the project. Since ASHIRBAD organization is responsible for the premises that’s why regular guard will be appointed who will be on duty by rotation. Manager is the responsible to oversea/supervises the guards in regards of security issue. Without permission of Home authority no children is allowed to go outside the boundaries. For the children guardians and also visitors we are maintaining a registration book which have mentioned name, address, date & time, whom to meet, signature etc. Unauthorized persons are not allowed to enter the Home of Glory campus/premises. Any serious insecure circumstances and violations which are beyond the control of security guard will be informed to the police station/security branches by the Manager/Authority.



  • Controlling the number of destitute children.
  • Stopping their begging.
  • Make them literate and skilled person.
  • Shape them to live as a better people.


OUR COMMITMENT: All staffs are committed at all times to ensuring their safety and welfare and will have regular contact with the children  in their care and will be an important link identifying cases where they need protection. Treating all children equally with respect and dignity and always putting the welfare of each child first. We have a duty to safeguard all children in its care from harm.